segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2008

to a friend!

you keep me sain ,
in this insane world!
with our talks!
you keep me happy !
because you just do!
you keep me living !
because i know you care!
you lighten my days !
because i know that you and i are friends!
you make me laughf!
because you are funny!
you make me sad!
when you are sad!
you make me live!
because i feel alive when i talk with you!
you make me feel loved!
i hope you feel the same way!
i dont whant to loose you!
you are very important to me!
leave that insane ideas behind!
you are a very special person!
never forget that!
you make me feel special too!
hope we can be friends ...
forever and ever!
love you loads!

have a great day!

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